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washing your car...
So lately I've had this obsession with washing my cars myself. It's relaxing and you know its being done right.

Any of you wash it yourself? I'd like to know what products you guys use. 

 i feel like you wash your car yourself haha
Ya I haven't visted a car wash in at least 5 years. Chemical Guys everything. Two bucket method to avoid swirls.

edits: products wise..

Best way to go IMO.. also get Iron remover for your wheels. I don't really wax or polish because I got CQuartz (ceramic coating) a couple years ago.
can you give me some info about the CQuartz finish. its permanent right? sprays on? what does it cost?
What is this car wash you guys speak of?
@1sickwrx lol off road cars dont get washed huh?
(04-13-2017, 11:59 AM)narbie Wrote: @1sickwrx lol off road cars dont get washed huh?

That and I am just lazy. haha

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