Full Version: Tuner Garage lunch day
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(03-30-2017, 02:39 PM)narbie Wrote: [ -> ]Please see the calendarĀ 


i am down Smile
Earth Day PCH cruise celebration!
Setup a monthly or bimonthly meet so we can schedule around it. I got 4 kids and a mad wife I gotta deal with now. Shit ain't the same as before man lol jk still single
yeah we gotta get a routine going, it was lots of fun before. just no photo shoot/racing on the 2 LOL
Oh man - This sounds like fun but I am going to be busy moving that weekend Sad
crap had no idea the date was set, going out of town next weekend.
we can reschedule. lets hear which dates work for you guys...
Any weekend starting in May
I'm in
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